Change in Meeting Schedules

we will be changing our meeting timings from Saturday mornings to Friday afternoons. Our next meeting will be on the first Please note the change in timings.

Our next meeting will be 6 November at 4:30 pm IST

For the next meeting, we have decided that we would have an open discussion on the National Education Policy as a follow up to the very detailed and nuanced presentations given by Kishore and Tulsi. To make the discussion productive, we would appreciate it if everyone could read the document before coming.

I have been having difficulty sending attachments on the email group, so if anyone would like a pdf copy of the NEP, please let me know, and I will send a copy to you.

Also, Kishore Darak shared this link regarding today’s presentation on the future of jobs, but I do not think everyone got it, so I am rending it

World Economic forum Future of Jobs report 2020.

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